Adult Ministry


The adult ministry focuses and works on strengthening the relationship between God and the adult members. This ministry is designed to help adults to not only to know about God but also get to know Him on a personal level.



 This Ministry encompasses:

Women Ministry: The Women's Ministry of the church exists to build a community of godly women. This ministry is led by Sister Martha Baucicaut and meets every Sunday at 5:30PM to rehearse with the chorus' members and also to talk about issues that they may be facing and dealing with daily. The women's ministry leaders work to encourages spiritual growth, team work and mutual support.

Men Ministry is under the direction of Brother Patrick Jean-Louis. The Men's Ministry of the church just as the women exists to build a community of godly men. They focus on mentoring and disciplining the men of the church as well as helping them to grow in both leadership and faith.

Maranatha (senior adult ministry): This ministry is led by Brother Jean Claude Dorsainvil and ministers to the older generations of our church. It encourages the members and enables them to grow spiritually and to be an example for upcoming generations.