Cell Ministry


Throughout the Bible, we see that God designs people for community. We can testify that each of us has the desire "to belong" somewhere. Thus, through the cell ministry, the church wants to connect all the members to help them feel that they belong to the family of God.

Our cells are not permanent arrangements. They grow like the building blocks of the body. We expect that new friends will be added until there are enough people to form two circles of ten. We would like to see the cells born, grow and multiply all over Palm Beach County. Your cell has a vital role to play in building the kingdom of God in the county.                                               

This ministry currently regroups more than 15 cells all over Palm Beach County under the leadership of Pastor Jean Changlais Delpe. Each group meets once a week and works in a specific area of the county to support members through prayer as well as encouragement.

Here are the leaders