Music Ministry


The Music Ministry is under the direction of Maestro Pierre Aristil

This ministry includes:

  • The Musicians
  • The Orchestra
  • The Worship Team
  • The Children Choir (Meets on Sunday Evenings at 6:00pm. Contact Sister Jenny Eugene for more information)
  • The Youth Choir (Meets on Saturday Afternoons - Except 4th Saturdays. Contact Brother Tamra Dhaity for more information)
  • The Adult Choir (Meets every Thursday at 8:00PM. Contact Sister Paulette F. Seide for more information)
  • The Men Chorus (Meets every Saturday at 5:00PM. It is directed by Maestro Wadner Florestal. Contact Brother Durand Normil to sign up.)
  • The Women Chorus (Meets every Sunday at 5:30PM. It is directed by Maestro Dritz Occeus. Contact Sister Martha Baucicaut to join.)
  • Joyeux Chanteurs (Meets every Friday at 8:00PM. Contact Brother Patrick Chrysostome for more information)
  • Phares Célestes (Meets every Friday at 7:00PM. Contact Sister Marie Exume Renelus for more information)
Adult Choir.jpg Children Choir.jpg Full Orchestra 2.jpg Full Orchestra with Maestro.jpg Full Orchestra.jpg Joyeux Chanteurs.jpg Men Chorus.jpg Orchestra Duet.jpg Orchestra Winds Instruments.jpg Phares Celestes 2.jpg Violins and Maestro.jpg Women Chorus.jpg Youth Choir 1.jpg Youth Choir 2.jpg Youth Choir 3.jpg