Prayer Ministry


If water is the source of life for the fish, prayer is also the essence of Christian life and the "lifeline" between the believer and the heavenly Father. It facilitates the communication between God and human beings. From this perspective, prayer is irreversible and ineluctable for those willing to have a true relationship with The Most High God. Also, emphasizing on the importance of prayer through the life of the whole church, the prophet Isaiah states: "My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations" (Isaiah 56:7). Thus, in conformity with the motto and the desire to act as the first believers that experienced the tremendous power of prayer, Bethel Evangelical Baptist Church has a prayer Ministry that allows the spiritual growth of its members and their connection with the Almighty God on a daily basis. This ministry sets around five pillars: Intercessory Prayer, Corporate Prayer, Morning Prayer, Community Fasting, and Chain of prayer.


There are different activities that members are encouraged to partake in. They include:

  • Morning prayer (Every weekday morning 5-6AM)
  • Prayer and fasting (Every Tuesday 8AM-12PM)
  • Midnight Cry (Every Friday 8PM-12AM)
  • Prayer Walking - Varies
  • Prayer chain - Varies

 This ministry is led by Pastor Samuel Menard and he can be reached via email: